With a unique playing style, evoking equal parts dusty Americana
and traditional Greek music, Roy Paymon delivers a haunting debut
in `Guarding Crows`, an ethereal stream of songs drenched in
rustic influences, new and old.

From the fire-and-brimstone stomp of "Big Black Bell", to the
fragile beauty of "Imonetta", Roy Paymon has threaded a dense,
unique tapestry that pays tribute to the soundscapes of Ross Daly, Emmylou Harris, Fleetwood Mac and Daniel Lanois, filtered through
pop harmonies and rootsy time signatures. Despite the lush, intricate orchestrations of `Guarding Crows`, all songs were written, performed
and produced by Roy Paymon in his bedroom, using only an old mic
and the trusty guitar that has kept him company throughout his
peculiar journeys around the world from military officer to
award-winning film-maker.

Roy Paymon currently lives in Brooklyn.

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